Considered the largest Tahitian dance competition in the United States, Tahiti Fête of San Jose, spotlights the tradition of Tahitian dance. Dancers come from all over the world to compete with exquisite costumes, demonstrating traditional and contemporary choreography while showcasing the rich history and tales of the Polynesian people.  Alongside the stage, food vendors sell traditional Polynesian treats, artisans offer exquisite Polynesian crafts and guests can participate in cultural dancing workshops conducted by the esteemed judges from the competition.


Doubletree Hotel San Jose-

Solo Eliminations

San Jose State Event Center


June 30th- Solo Eliminations

 July 1st-3rd- Solo Finals & Group Performances


Ori Rau (Contemporary Division)



  • Solo Eliminations  ( June 3oth, 2017)

    UPDATE: Soloists Eliminations will be held at our host hotel DoubleTree by San Jose from 10am-2pm. Soloists will be eliminated to a few in each category and those finalists will dance the following day the San Jose State Event Center from 9am-12pm, depending on your age category. Tickets will be sold at the door for $5.


    Soloists receive a free tickets to the Solo Eliminations AS WELL as the following day at the event center (whether they are finalists or not). Soloists will enter through the dancers entrance located at the bottom left entrance to the Event center. Dancers MUST bring their solo number buttons to get in.

  • Day One  ( July 1st, 2017 )

    • 8:30 AM DOORS OPEN
    • 9:00 AM Begin; Introduce Judges, Prayer
    • 9:15 AM Solo Finals
    • 12:30 PM LUNCH
    • 1:30 PM Hokule’a- Hura Ava Tau Ahuroa
    • 1:50 PM Kaliloa O Kaleo’onalani- Hura Ava Tau Ahuroa
    • 2:15 PM No Te Here O Te Hiroa- Tupuna Ahuroa, Ahuroa & Hura Tau Music
    • 2:45 PM BREAK: 15 mins
    • 3:00 PM Te Pura O Te Rahura’a- Hura Tau Ahuroa
    • 3:20 PM Ka’uhane o Ka Pakipika- Tupuna Ahuroa
    • 3:35 PM No Te Here O Te Hiroa- Tamari’i Ote’a, Tamari’i Aparima
    • 4:00 PM Kaliloa Kaleo’onalani- Hura Tau Ahuroa
    • 4:20 PM Hui Tarava- Hura Ava Tau Ahuroa & Music
    • 4:40 PM Nemenzo- Hura Tau Ahuroa & Music
    • 5:00 PM BREAK - 15 mins
    • 5:15 PM SOLO AWARDS
    • 5:45 PM END OF PROGRAM
  • Day Two  ( July 2nd, 2017 )

    • 8:30 AM DOORS OPEN
    • 9:00 AM Begin; Introduce Judges, Prayer
    • 9:15 AM Baby Tamali’i Exhibition
    • 9:30 AM Rahiti-  Tamari’i Aparima & Tamari’i Ote’a
    • 10:00 AM Te Mau Tamari’i a Tiare- Hura Tau Ote’a, Aparima, Ahuroa & Music
    • 10:50 AM Hilo Amu- Hura Tau Ahuroa & Music
    • 11:15 AM Makamae Melia O Polynesia- Hura Ava Tau Ahuroa & Music
    • 11:45 AM LUNCH
    • 12:45 PM Motu’aina- Hura Ava Tau Aparima, Drumming, Tupuna Ahuroa & Music, Ori Rau Ote’a, Tamari’i  Ote’a & Aparima
    • 2:00 PM Hui Tarava - Hura Ava Tau Ote’a, Aparima, Drumming
    • 2:50 PM Nemenzo-  Ori Rau Ote’a, Drumming
    • 3:15PM  Rahiti - Hura Ava Tau Ahuroa & Music
    • 3:30 PM Lokahi Polynesian Dance Group: Hula Performance
    • 3:45 PM Makamae Melia O Polynesia-  Hura Ava Tau Ote’a, Tamari’i Ote’a, Aparima, Tamari’i Aparima & Durmming
    • 5:00 PM Rahiti- Hura Ava Tau Ote’a, Aparima, Drumming
    • 5:45 PM END OF PROGRAM
  • Day Three  ( July 3rd, 2017)

    • 8:30 AM DOORS OPEN
    • 9:00 PM No Te Here o Te Hiroa- Hura Tau Ote’a, Aparima & Drumming
    • 10:10 AM Ta’ere Tia’i- Hura Tau Ahuroa
    • 10:30 AM Kaliloa O Kaleo’onalani- Hura Tau Ote’a & Aparima
    • 11:15 AM Hilo Amui- Hura Tau Ote’a, Aparima, Drumming
    • 12:15 PM To’erau Manu Rahi- Hura Tau Drumming
    • 12:30 PM LUNCH- Performance by Na Hoku Hanohano Winner - Mark Yamanaka


    • 1:30 PM Ta’ere Tia’i- Ori Rau Ote’a, Hura Tau Ote’a,Tamari’i Ote’a, Aparima, Tamari’i Aparima, Tupuna Ahuroa, Drumming & Music
    • 2:30 PM To’erau Manu Rahi- Hura Tau Music
    • 2:45 PM Ka Ua Tuahine- Hula Performance
    • 3:00 PM Te Pura O Rahura’a- Hura Tau Ote’a & Drumming, Ori Rau Ote’a, Tamari’i Ote’a,Tamari’i Aparima, Hura Tau Aparima & Music
    • 4:15 PM Parade of Pupu Ori
    • 4:30 PM Symphony of Drums
    • 4:40 PM GROUP AWARDS    
    • 5:45 PM END OF PROGRAM




highlights from past events

Here's a taste of previous Tahiti Fête events in San Jose, CA and Hilo, HI




Joe Manivong

John Doe, Creative Heights



Competed in Hilo 01' with Te Poe O Patitfa. Loved every minute I was there. From the competition to the wonderful hospitality!! Not an experience you can replicate. Truly one of the best times of my life. Never will I forget my trip to this wonderful place!! Thank you aunty Pua!!!

"The Tahiti Fete in San Jose is one of the best yearly cultural events in California."

The dedication of the organizers, groups, bands, and individual performers hails to impress the audience year after year. Besides being dazzled and mesmerized by drumming and the beauty of the dance, it makes for great photography. Sensory overload in the greatest of ways. Thank you Auntie Pua for promoting the beauty of the culture.




Tickets will be sold exclusively through at as well as the San Jose State University Event Center Box Office. You can purchase them HERE. Children 2 and under are FREE if they sit on your lap. If they occupy a seat, they will need a ticket.


If you are with a Pupu ori, please speak with your group leader about group sales. Follow us on Facebook for more up-to-date news!


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